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Ways Hep C is spread

Hepatitis C is easily spread by blood.

  • blood transfusion before 1992, including blood received during a c-section
    • Read more about the risk of contracting HCV through blood transfusions here.
  • hemodialysis (using a kidney machine)
  • jobs with exposure to blood (especially health care workers), or if you've been exposed to blood in the military
  • tattoos and body piercing (potentially contaminated needles or ink)
  • sharing straws for inhaling cocaine
  • sharing a razor, toothbrush, or any item that could carry infected blood
  • sharing needles for IV drug use
  • unprotected sex with multiple partners 
    • studies are being done by the CDC and NIH to determine a more accurate estimation of prevalence by sexual transmission. These studies are not complete and those that have already been known to have HCV are advised to follow safe sex practices until more findings are known.
    • The risk of contracting hepatitis C through sexual contact is extremely low.